Dutch Flow Group represents a group of flow cytometry core facility managers covering the academic centers and related peripheral institutes for research and diagnostics in the health care field.

Dutch Flow Group Meeting 6, June 7th 2013, BPRC, Rijswijk


Our 6th Dutch Flow Group meeting was hosted by Niels Beenhakker and Sam Hofman, BPRC, Rijswijk. 


•10:00-10:30  welcome, coffee & tea

•10:30-12:00  presentation and demo of the Biorad S3 cell sorter, by Knut Petkau

•12:00-13:00  lunch break

•13:00-15:00  presentation & tour BPRC facilities, Jan Langermans, Niels Beenhakker and Sam Hofman

•15:00-17:30  CYTO2013 San Diego congress report, Erik Mul and Berend Hooibrink

•17:30-18:00  DFG round table discussion and Golden Nozzle Award ceremony, Wim Corver

•18:00-             drinks and diner at 'Cafe Restaurant de V' in the pittoresque city center of Delft