Dutch Flow Group represents a group of flow cytometry core facility managers covering the academic centers and related peripheral institutes for research and diagnostics in the health care field.

E-Bioscience EB FluorPlan Spectra Viewer
  Beckman Coulter Experiment designer
  Table of Fluorochromes
Biolegend Spectra Analyzer Biolegend Fluorescence Spectra Analyzer
Monoclonal Antibody Center dbase Monoclonal Antibody Center Database, Washington State University, Taxonomic Key Program
Invitrogen Fluorescence Spectra Viewer
Invitrogen (Life Technologies now) Fluorescence Spectra Viewer
AHF analysentechnik AHF focuses on the production and distribution of products in the field of Optical filters for raman-, fluorescence- and laser spectroscopy.
Semrock The standard in optical filters for life sciences, lasers and optical systems.
Chroma Technology Optical Filters
Omega Optical Precision Optical Filters for Instrumentation and Research.
Laser2000 NL Laser 2000 is distributor for light, laser and positioning products.
Applied Laser Technology ALT represents various top brands in the field of lasers, (sub)micron positioning, optics and fiber optics.
Laser Components The product portfolio contains various lasers, detectors and other optical and electro-optical components and modules of many well selected international manufacturers