Dutch Flow Group represents a group of flow cytometry core facility managers covering the academic centers and related peripheral institutes for research and diagnostics in the health care field.

BD Bioscience Manufacturer of Flow Cytometry instruments: Facscalibur, Facscanto, Facsaria, LSRFortessa, Influx, FacsVerse and Accuri C6.   
Beckman Coulter 
Manufacturer of flow cytometry instruments: Cyan ADP, Cell Lab Quanta, FC500, Epics XL, Moflo XDP, Moflo-Astrios and Gallios.
BD Bioscience Intro to flow Cytometry
BD Bioscience Fluidics system of a flow cytometer
Manufacturer of flow/image cytometer ImageStreamX and FlowSight. Amnis is now part of EMD Millipore.
Sony Biotechnology
 Manufacturer of flow cytometry instruments: EC800 analyzer, Spectral analyzer, SY3200 cell sorting system and the SH800 personal cell sorter. 
 ACEA NovoCyte is a newcomer in Flow Cytometry. Manufacturing affordable flow cytometers with 1 to 3 lasers and up to 15 parameters.
 Millipore Guava, Manufacturer of flow cytometers: Easycyte en PCA.
DVS Sciences
 The CyTOF® system is the first inorganic mass spectrometer specifically designed and built for biologists for multi-parametric single cell analysis.
 Manufacturer of compact flow cytometry instruments: Cyflow ML/Space/Cube.
Partec is now a Sysmex company
Apogee  Manufacturer of A40/50 compact flow cytometers. Specialists in micro particle detection. 
Applied Biosystems Attune  Manufacturer of the Attune cytometer. Applied Biosystems is part of Life Technologies.
Stratedigm  Stratedigm manufactures the S1000/S500 flow cytometers.
Union Biometrica  Manufacturer of large particel sorters: COPAS, Biosorter.
Cytek   Manufacturer of flow cytometer upgrades, accessories and refurbished instruments.
Cytonome  Manufacturer of clinical and industrial cell purification systems: Gigasort, Viva and Hydris.
Miltenyi Biotec  Manufacturer of MacsQuant, ultra-compact flow cytometers and cell separation systems.
Propel Labs  Biotechnology Instrumentation Company. Manufacturer of Avalon, a small bench top cell sorter. 


Bay Bioscience Corporation

 Bay Bioscience Corporation is a Japanese company. Manufactures desktop cell sorters, the JSAN and JSAN Swift.
Biorad  Biorad manufactures a small footprint personal cell sorter: S3 Cell Sorter.
 Orflo manufactures ultra compact cassette based flow cytometer Moxi Flow
Furukawa Electric
 Furukawa Electric offers a small footprint cell sorting system based on mechanical separation technique.